Saturday, January 15, 2011

Going Green in India

India's Programme Planning for Renewables

Currently India is playing ODI's in South Africa. Indian fans are hoping for the best.

I would like to touch on another matter though. The Department of Non-Conventional Energy Sources was created in the Ministry of Energy(DNES). In 1992, DNES was upgraded and it started functioning as as separate Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources(MNES).

The Ministry takes care of the following specific items:

  • Commission for Additional Sources of Energy(CASE)
  • Solar Energy including solar photovoltaic devices and their development, production and applications
  • Research and development of biogas and programmes relating to biogas units
  • Programme relating to improved wood stoves and research and development thereof
  • All matters relating to small/mini/micro hydel projects of and below 25 MW capacity
  • Research and development of other non-conventional/renewable sources of energy and programmes relating thereto
  • Integrated Rural Energy Programme(IREP)
  • Soft funding for renewable energy systems through Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency

India is really taking it to heart as far as going green is concerned.

Why do we say that?

Well look at some of their major achievements:

Over 4200 MW grid power from wind, small hydro, biomass and solar energy.

3600 remote villages/hamlets, including those in Sunderbans, Bastar, Ladakh and the North East electrified through solar energy.

Deployment of 7.5 lakh solar photovoltaic systems for lighting, communication and related uses.

7 lakh sq.meter collector area solar water heating systems installed.

Largest solar-steam cooking system for 15,000 persons/day set up at Tirupati Tirumal Devasthanam

Integrated Rural Energy Programs Implemented in 860 blocks

That is just to name a few of what was done by India. Now please let it be known that they are not the only ones going to all this trouble to use alternative means to electricity.

What can you do to play a part in making the world Green. Why not look at the option of installing solar panels in and around your home.

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