Friday, February 18, 2011

The real threats that plastic pose to our environment

My wife attended a meeting sometime ago, where Peter Starstedt was present.  The whole point of the meeting was to make people aware of the dangers that plastic rings, that come of various bottles, pose to the animal kingdom.  Not just that, but also the plastic wraps that gets used on bigger boxes.  When these does not get cut off correctly, it poses serious threats to the environment. There are people who go out in the early hours of the morning to have this very same plastic remove from seals. The plastic wraps around the necks of these seals and end of suffocating them. 

How can we help prevent these disasters?  Well, by taking reasonable care in ensuring that we cut plastic wraps properly. Also by cutting through the plastic ring of any bottles.  The extra care we take will go a long way to ensure that no harm is done. So before you throw any plastic rings or wraps away, please ensure that it will not cause any harm to our precious animals.

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