Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The wonderful role of Bees within our Environment

Bees are wonderful creatures and they certainly do their part in nature.  I have worked on a farm in New Rockford ND, USA for about 6 months. Their I had the wonderful privilege of working along side other beekeepers.  I am still going to elaborate more about my experiences there within a short e-book that I plan to have done in about 3 months from now.  Will keep you posted.  For now I would like to stress that these little creatures serve a wonderful purpose. That is to pollinate flowers such as canola, lavender, and almond flowers.

They are very much appreciated by farmers of almond trees in North California, USA.  In turn these farmers pay the bee farmers handsomely for their services.  Or should I say the services of the bees.

Do yourself a favor and look up on bees on the internet.

It boils down to having a hobby of your own.  Maybe bees are not one of those hobbies you would like to take up.  I found hamsters to be very interesting.  To find out more GO HERE

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