Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why Smokers Find E-cigarettes Cheaper

Smokers who smoked for ages have now given up smoking normal cigarettes in exchange for E-cigs. They were more than happy that they made the switch as e cigarettes are cheaper. Smokers are therefore no longer dependent on their traditional smokes that might have given them pleasure, but became way too expensive.

It is truly amazing how many online specials are available that make e-cigarettes the cheaper option as opposed to traditional smokes. It is a great way to get away from smoking the addictive regular cigarette and it is much cheaper due to its popularity currently.

One consumer on being reviewed, expressed his satisfaction by saying that e cigarettes are cheaper than their counterparts. He had been vaping for more than two years now and found it to be a smooth transition by switching from regular cigarettes to the electronic version. He came across what he would like to call the best e-cig on the market that comes with the cheapest e-liquid that even includes free shipping. What made him particularly happy is that he could shop from the comfort of his home doing online shopping which gave him extra discount due to special promotions on the famous e-liquids.

Smokers that are considering switching over will be happy to know that e cigarettes are better, safer for your health, non flammable with no tar present, does not stain your teeth and longer lasting. Even the odors released from the electronic version is barely noticeable. With so many more brands available is it any wonder that e cigarettes are cheaper than the regular cigarette.

Just think about it, five nicotine cartridges, equivalent to 500 cigarettes, will cost about £8 which is pretty impressive. We would like to warn smokers not to fall for cheap imitation electronic cigarettes as it did not pass rigorous testing that are done on the best e cigarettes currently on the market. It is therefore no joke when we say that e cigarettes are cheaper.

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